Monday, March 3, 2014

The Verge reports on the next K-Cups being locked down. BOOOOOOO!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Revisit Brooklyn Coffee Pods

So recently I have been running low on my other coffee pods and pulled down the sampler box of Brooklyn coffee again. As you know I previously mentioned the grounds which always were ending up in the coffee from these pods.

Well I believe it was from a bad set of their Breakfast Blend & possibly the Doughnut Shop. I wanted to drink those for a good comparison with other companies coffee. Well I've now pulled out some of the others. After tossing the decaf (why people drink decaf is still beyond me)... I ran across the three above. No grounds to begin with, these pods worked flawlessly like all the pods I get from Keurig.

As far as a coffee review of these...

Colombian, actually a nice strong coffee. Not overpowering like the old coffee my Navy coworkers would leave brewing for 48+ hours and then chug down. That stuff almost needed a spoon. Air Force always wanted the fru-fru coffee... so never can compare there. Overall I really enjoyed this one. 8.5/10

Fuhgeddaboutit, this one was awesome. Actually even a tad stronger than the Colombian, this coffee really had some attitude, and unlike most with an attitude, no weird aftertaste. This one I will order again! 9/10

Vanilla Skyline, first off this is a light-weight. The smell is the best part of the coffee... great aroma. Problem is when you drink it the taste just isn't there. I think next time I'll use the smallest setting on my Keurig and see if that makes it stronger. Due to this I actually had to add a bit of milk to get more flavor out of it. Fru fru it up I guess, I'll go hide in the corner to avoid the stares of shame. 6/10

Have a great day, good luck on your caffination!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast

My wife is a big Doctor Who fan. Of course being in the states this isn't the most followed show, but we make do following the series. I recently picked her up the novelty Fez & Bow Tie set along with a few posters, and a slick eBay win of an autographed picture of The Master (John Simm) and The Doctor (David Tennant) along with a proof picture of them signing it.
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For some reason I cannot get her to wear the Fez, let alone the bow-tie; even though she is thrilled with the gifts.

So, all of this boils down to little for this site, except for the fact that I took the picture of the K-Cup next to the Fez. My wife picked up some Keurig Eight O'clock Dark Italian Roast. After the required razzing of her wanting some dark italian.. well we'll leave the jokes there.. we tried the coffee. It is actually surprisingly good, with a bold strong flavor. I'm assuming this is for 8 AM instead of PM, because it is fairly strong. Like I sleep anyways...
Overall this is a really good one, and we'll probably get a stash of this to keep on hand. I still like something lighter when I first wake up, mostly because I'm downing far too many pills around the same time, but for something later in the morning this is excellent to start the day. Can't think of anything wrong with the flavor, overall just a good brew that I would suggest trying. 9.5/10